Tribal Enrollment 

There are 229 federally recognized tribes in Alaska, fourteen of which are in the Aleut Region, including the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island. For a list of federally recognized tribes in Alaska, click here. For a list of federally recognized tribes in the Aleut Region, click here.

Membership Eligibility/Criteria

To be eligible for enrollment in the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribe, applicants must meet the criteria as outlined in the Tribe’s Membership and Enrollment ordinance (Aleut Tribal Code Title 1, Chapter 1.45).​

Application for Enrollment

Applicants must submit documentation of family lineage as descendants of Aleut Community of St. Paul Island base roll members. If an application is being made to be adopted as a new member into the Tribe, documentation of Alaska Native or Native American descent and St. Paul Island residency is required. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide evidence of eligibility in the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribe. In general, acceptable documentation demonstrating proof of eligibility includes certified copies of birth certificates, baptismal records, paternity affidavits, adoption records, and affidavits from family members. Certified copies of birth certificates are the preferable proof, however, other documents listed may be used depending on individual circumstances. If there is a question of eligibility, please contact Tribal Enrollment before applying. Completed applications are forwarded to the St. Paul Tribal Council for their approval or disapproval at regular meetings of the Tribal Council held quarterly. Applicants or their representatives are notified in writing of the Tribal Council’s decision.​

To apply for enrollment, download the Tribal Enrollment Application.

Tribal ID Card

Tribal ID cards can be obtained by coming into the Main Office or Anchorage Support Office during regular business hours. Call the office to ensure that staff who provide this service are available on the day you plan to visit. Tribal IDs are usually printed within 24 hours and either mailed to the address on file or held for pickup. Only the parent or legal guardian can pick up an ID for a minor.
Members who live outside of St. Paul or Anchorage can obtain a new or replacement ID card by submitting a notarized Tribal ID Card Form with a digital passport-type photo.​

Digital Photo Requirements:

  • Have someone else take your photo. No selfies.
  • Do not scan a printed photo or take a photo of an already printed photo.
  • Submit one color photo, taken in the last 6 months.
  • Use a clear image of your face.
  • Do not digitally retouch or change your photo using computer software, phone apps or filters, or artificial intelligence.
  • Have a neutral facial expression with both eyes open and mouth closed.
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo.
  • No headphones or wireless hands-free devices.
  • No hats or head coverings, except for religious or medical purposes.
  • Use a white or off-white background without shadows, texture, or lines.​

​To obtain a new or replacement ID card by mail, download the Tribal ID Card Form.

Address/Name Changes

Inform us of any changes to your name, address, contact information, or any other changes affecting the membership roll. Only the parent or legal guardian can change the address of a minor.​

To update your information, download the Tribal Enrollment Update Form.

Relinquishment of Tribal Membership

Any member eighteen (18) years of age and older may willingly give up their membership by filing a Relinquishment of Tribal Membership Form with the St. Paul Tribal Council. No member under the age of eighteen (18) may relinquish their membership, or have their membership relinquished by a parent, guardian, or any other person representing their interests.

To relinquish your membership, download the Relinquishment of Tribal Membership Form.

Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms are available to download as fillable PDF forms. In order to fill out a fillable PDF form you must (1) download the form; and then (2) complete and (3) save the form in a PDF Reader. NOTE: The forms will not save properly if you complete the form in an internet browser. Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer or device, you can download the latest version for free here. Enrollment forms are also available for pickup at the Main Office and Anchorage Support Office during regular business hours. If you have a problem with a form, please email Tribal Enrollment for assistance.

Tribal Enrollment Application (PDF)
Tribal ID Card Form (PDF)
Tribal Enrollment Update Form (PDF)
Relinquishment of Tribal Membership Form (PDF)

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